Katara Moon

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I am an outgoing person, easy going, I love dancing and going clubbing, I drink but just for the buzz, I enjoy shooting pool, riding Harley's(back seat)getting tattoos, and many more things.. just ask

Playful spanking,anal when the mood strikes me, masturbating,finger play with my and,domination / submissive roll play, sex to heavy metal music,

I have always wanted to Fuck in a bathroom of a resturant or a club.. just get in there and start ripping off our clothes me sucking your and then setting you on that toilet and ridding you till your crazy, Stand up bend me over and me hard..Hell Yeah.. I'm so incredibly naughty You wouldn't believe it! Try my curvaceous body in my private room and don't forget that great opportunities are never lost - they are just found by somebody else. I`m Back ...Sweet mom for you Honey..Come in and let`s enjoy hot teaser show ..Mhuaaaa ^_^

I am good in dancing and teasing person ..I wanted to show OFF my hot naked body...come in and get me ...

Sweet and Spicy Asian here ...Come in and let`s talk *_* Beware!!!! control yourself fr0m falling inlove with this lovely chick... i love it when you pull my hair fr0m back, moving your hand all over my body. i want to tease you,make you hard and enj0y me... c0me explore me & enjoy every single m0ment with me!!!! :)

i would love to give pleasure t0 y0u,, d0 anything you want that i can... always wanted you to leave my r0om with satisfaction and c0ntentment!! and you will be thinking on c0ming back again and again..

every mans dream girl!!! pretty and sexy 0n my 0wn way... Join us and come together, as You never came before. i m very hot

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Katara Moon

I think sex is an art form.. There is "Love Making" but Fucking is so much more fun. I am multi organismic. I love playing with my. If I am with a partner I love being on top and in charge until he is ready to bust, then I belong to him. I enjoy playful spanking,oral sex is great especially sucking,love my nipples sucked and nibbled on,and hair pulling is always a turn on, pounding me from behind is awesome.I enjoy dressing for the occasion.. What turns you on turns me on.. Lets Play.

rimming his anal hole

rimming his anal hole

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